• Skills

    Les Ortigues develops in synergy and together 4 complementary and independent activities :  

    Tents and covered structure rental

    General installation & stand design and set up

    Furniture rental

    Image and signing

    We are today one of the rare technical operators in the field of event communication and exhibition to have a status of “general operator”which allows us to propose you a flexible and creative turnkey solution.

  • Tents and covered structures rental

    Owner of all our equipments , we are able to cover a surface of more than 20 000m². Our structures of all dimensions,
    our floors, lights, barriers and ballast, demonstrate our important logistic strength.

      Our large range of tents, dimensions 3 m x 3 m, 4 m x 4 m, 5 m x 5 m, 10 m x 10 m, will match any constraints
    with regards to quality and safety.

    Our structures of 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 m range are the technical solutions
    for your covered event operations.

    Our qualified teams, our permanent stock, our transport
    and assembly equipment are your best guarantee of a professional
    set up and the respect of the announced deadlines.

    contactOperating Responsabe / Didier

  • General installation and stands

    General installation

    We have a fleet of equipment and a platform of 30 000 m² of available modular stands. The reliability of the preparation and the control of the interventions on sites (in France and in Europe) are guaranteed by the professionalism of our team of qualified technicians. We are technical operators referenced in the Exhibition Centers of Bordeaux, Marseille, Poitiers and Nantes.

    Traditional stand

    Taking  your specifications into account, we will be able to create your personal space and an atmosphere reflecting the unique image of your company and create a stand which looks like you, in France and abroad.

    Modular stand

    Grey or white aluminum structures, filled in with color panels, you can decorate your space with our range of furniture, our ornamental lighting or specific signing (all size image).

    contactDirecteur d’exploitation / Philippe

  • Furniture rental


    These furniture are in permanent stock in our warehouse, ask for any reference availability…


    Select online your furniture, then you just have to submit us your reservation… Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a specific designed furniture, we will help you in your research.

    contactNathalie JOLIT

  • Image and signing


    Discover the best techniques of digital printing, middle and large format ( 3-5 m of strip without join) on a wide diversity of flexible or rigid surfaces.

    Indoor or outdoor use, fresco, stand background, front panels, specific event operations,
    more than twenty printable media will awaken your creativity!

    Require a professional finishing that adds value to your creations (lamination, encapsulation, adhesive cover, laying on large size frame, canvas, eyelet holes, sleeves ...).

    Our electronic cutting processes will also answer your requirements.

    contactResponsable d’exploitation / Christophe ROUANET